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Summer Lovin 2 By Wicked Pictures

The beautiful Nicole Aniston was just going for a ride with the top down enjoying the summer when she rolled up on a guy looking for a ride. She isn’t there to give him a ride she wants to fuck. The guy she just met she opens up his pants and starts to suck on his cock. Once she got this strangers “up” to the task she hops on the car and tells him to eat out her perfect hairy pussy. She is able to have a orgasm from him eating that pussy and once she gets that she lets him bed her over the car and fuck her silly. The scene is from Wicked Pictures and this was part of a DVD they released called Summer Love 2. You can now get access to pretty much all their DVD’s and much more when you become a member of their site.

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Getting A Real Workout On Wicked Pictures

This is how a real pornstar gets a workout! This is a awesome scene from the world famous website Wicked Pictures! These have 12 scenes with Nicole Aniston and I am going to do my best over the next couple of weeks to give you a little taste of all of them! This one is of Nicole Aniston in the gym using the equipment for fucking not for working out. There have been a lot of studies done on just how many calories you burn when fucking. I bet you anything that Nicole burns 10x that of a normal person just watch her working this cock!

This gallery is from Wicked Pictures